Handling & Preparation

Follow the tips below for easy steak preparation!

Steaks on grill

Preparing your Steak and your Grill.   As you are getting ready to grill, take the meat out of the fridge and let it rest for about a half an hour.  Season with salt and pepper, but not too much, and not too far ahead of time – it will take away from its flavor.  Get your grill as hot as you can get it, then brush the grates with a steel brush, removing any carbon.  Once cleaned, take a towel with a small amount of oil and rub the grates.  The oil will burn, flavor and create the charring – the best part of a grilled steak!

The Perfect Charring.  As you begin to grill, start on the hottest grill spot and maintain a full flame.  It is important to resist the urge to turn your steak too early, as the natural sugars in the meat need to fully caramelize.  When turning your steaks, use tongs, not forks, so that you don’t penetrate the crust as much.  Once you have charred both sides of the steak, you can then move to a cooler spot on your grill, or if working with a gas grill, you can reduce your flame.

For Marinated Steaks.  When marinating steaks, the length of time is important.  It will take 2 days for the full benefit of marinating to take effect, so plan ahead and allow time for the marinating process.  When grilling your marinated steaks, keep in mind that the more sugar the marinade contains, the faster it will char, so you will need to turn your steak and reduce the heat earlier – keep in mind that it will look cooked on the outside far before it cooks on the inside. If you are using a marinade that is oil based, make sure you allow the steak to drain off the oil before it hits the grill – oil will reach the smoking point sooner than the natural fats, and will leave you with the flavor of the burnt oil.

Just the Right Temperature.  For perfectly grilling specific cuts, take note that the more fat on the steak cut (such as a Rib Eye) the more you’ll want to cook it, and the less fat, the less you’ll want to cook it (such as a Filet). We suggest removing the steak one full temperature below your ideal level of doneness.  If you want it medium rare, take it off when it’s rare. And most importantly, let it rest for ten minutes after taking it off the grill. The steak will continue to cook and the juices will redistribute, and you’ll have the perfect doneness and flavor throughout.